Day 11

Thursday began with talks by Dr. Boris Wawrik and Dr. Bob Nairn over stable isotope probing and remediation of the Tar Creek Superfund site respectively. These talks finished up an amazing two weeks of lectures by many of the greatest minds at the University of Oklahoma and the USGS.

After lunch it was time to visit the Samuel Roberts Noble Microscopy Lab inside George Lynn Cross Hall, and check out TEM and SEM imaging techniques, using some of the class isolates, as well as metal coupons, and enrichments of landfill leachate. A very interesting experience!

Lab time was spent analyzing the student’s MIC experiments, and seeing what, if any antibiotics their isolates were resistant to. This was the final critical piece of data for each student in finalizing what the identity of their isolates were.

Finally, each student began to prepare their presentations, covering their isolates, how they came to an identification, and anything in the course that they found interesting or entertaining.


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