Day 6- Student’s Reactions

We’ll combine all of the posts from day 7 with today since we let all the students take a breather on Sunday!

Patricia Pace

Pretty sure I have had too much fun in the sun. Today we went for a walk in the Kessler Farm field laboratories. We walked quite a bit and saw many interesting things. The most impressive and interesting to me was the creek bed. I understand and could see a number of species of plants growing there that are not indigenous to this part of Oklahoma. We then were able to go back to the suites, shower, change clothes, and have a quick lunch before returning to the Microbiology building for a lecture by Dr. Elshahed. He spoke about biofuels and how he has found anaerobic fungi that can help to overcome the problems of accessing the cellulose.

Our day off. Thanks to Dr Stevenson, Aaron and Blake we had the day off. It was a great time to rest and recharge our batteries. A group of us went to the mall and saw a movie here in Norman. Every bit as important as getting to know the campus is getting to know the surrounding area. Since this experience, in part, is to help us decide where we would like to go to graduate school, this day off was valuable in evaluating the area where we may live for 8 to 10 years. Thanks Brad, Blake, and Aaron.

Najuma Maharjan

Most interesting day so far eventhough we had to get up at 7am. We had field trip to Kessler Farm. Trip was interesting because we got to see bio blade, national wind profile, atmospheric deposition sites and greenhouse sites. After that we had nice lunch and interesting talk on anaerobic Fungi and their Role in Cellulosic Bioenergy by Mostafa Elshahed. The day was over before dinner and thus we got plenty of time to take rest and rehydrate after long week. So lets say  today is The most wonderful day  so far.

Ram Shah

Oh!! lord another hot day and field trip to Kessler Farm Field Laboratory which is around 20 miles from University of Oklahoma, I was thinking how can I made that but it was a really nice trip we went earlier in the morning to escape from the angry sun and I learned many interesting things. Kessler Farm Field was owned by a scientist Kessler he used to do research about weather and some other natural phenomena. Later this field was given to OU and now this is one of the most attracting research fields for botanist and naturalist. There are many weather information collection equipments which collect data of different kinds of weather and environmental changes. In the afternoon, we had a guest speaker, Dr. Mostafa Elshahed. He spoke about anaerobic fungi and their role in cellulosic bioenergy. After that, we did not have any lab today, so we got some rest and rehydration.

Sushma Ale

Another interesting field trip was the first part of today’s agenda; to Kestel’s farm. It was the land with diverse research going on. I learned something about white noise and sonar. Second half of the day was about a lecture on anaerobic fungi that are found on the rumen of herbivores. This was a presentation by Dr. Elscheid on a Saturday noon which was very very appreciative and educational at the same time.

It was a very nice surprise; a whole day to our self. Annoyingly enough, I was awaken around 7 a.m by a wrong call in our suites and stayed up since then. Anyway, the day is still young and is looking to run few errands. See ya’ll tomorrow, and enjoy your day off J

Jeremiah White

Today we visited the Kessler Farm Field Laboratory.  It is a large acrage that was donated to OU where a variety of studies are taking place.  The studies include biological and meterological experiments on the 350 acre farm.  Everything from temperatures, rainfall, wind, grazing, rodents, non-indegionous organisms, and more are studied on the site.  It is an amazing project with many environmental elemental factors observed.  Many more research studies will start in the future to obtain a better understanding of the Kessler Farm.


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